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Much thought went into designing the ultimate fitness equipment.

The FitWet machine not only tones and builds muscle, but at the same time rejuvenates skin, leads to weight loss, improves cardiac health and even your mood!

The advantages of being surrounded by water aren’t only measured by the added resistance and calorie gain.

The water temperature is also optimally set to minimize the pooling of blood that gravity tends to lead to (helps with heavy legs).

Such redirection of blood flow satiates your muscles and joints in order to be more effective and reduce the risk of injury.

That is the reason why the FitWet machine is perfect for athletes and injury therapy.

The weightlessness that the water provides makes it an optimal environment for all ages to benefit from this workout.

It truly becomes the first time in the history of fitness where you can implement the 'massage as you work out approach'.

This amazing FitWet machine is built with water jets that are aimed at target regions that are tender or spastic due to a recent injury or procedure, thus providing a sensation of massage and relaxation as you work out.

The jets have been proven to reduce cellulite, orange peel appearance and increase muscle tone when combined with the powerful resistance the water provides.

Hydrotherapy has been used to successfully treat many conditions such as:  Acne, Arthritis, Colds, Depression, Headaches, Backaches, Stomach Problems, Joint Muscle and nerve problems, Sleep disorders...

Moreover, you'll be able to enjoy a great workout in purified water by an Ozonator which also eliminate skin's toxins.

Thanks to Chromotherapy this workout will involve all your senses.

The addition of thermally regulated water and the pressure exerted by it, as well as the sensation of water itself are all signals that are carried out by our nervous system deeper into the body where it is vital in stimulating the immune system. This influences the production of stress hormones, improves circulation and digestion, encourages the flow of blood and lessens the body's sensitivity to pain.

'When I think about the many modalities that FitWet unites such as Hydrotherapy, Chromotherapy, Weight loss, Cellulite Reduction...

I strongly advise it to all my patients'.

Ronny Aquinin, MD Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine FitWet Physician Advisor

What is Chromotherapy?

Bad weather, the lack of sunlight, and changes in weather can drastically affect one's mood.

In fact, this is widely known as seasonal affective disorder.

Scientists have been able to cleverly link these sad and run down emotions to the lack of sunlight... Psychological diseases manifest themselves mainly in the form of depressions, which according to well documented studies can be cured without the need of medication...

Thanks to Chromotherapy!

The FitWet machine is built with an array of lights that switch color during your workout.

The lights have been integrated and coordinated with the intensity of your workout to further enhance the results and most importantly your MOOD!

The soothing effect of Chromotherapy allows us to enhance the flow of energy and conditioning to your work out.