FitWet Benefits

Well-being and relaxation through water exists since ancient times.

Actually, the term spa is an acronym for 'Sanitas per aqua' , 'health by water' in Latin .

The motto SPA was often engraved on the walls of Roman bathhouses.

In Italy, physiotherapists have therefore proposed a new injury therapy, combining the benefits of water and those of cycling.

Indeed, when you pedal in the water, the perception of effort is decreased and you obtain a similar result to the one you would have pedaling in the air, twice as fast.

Today, FitWet is revolutionizing the world of Fitness, well being and aesthetics.

FitWet bike goes beyond the principle of aqua biking as its specific features strengthen and reshape your body.

These individual cabins combine: Hydro-massage (draining cellulite, reducing the orange peel appearance, reloading calcium to the bones…), Ozone (eliminate toxins of skin, sensation of wellbeing), Chromotherapy...

This machine will fill up in about 3 minutes with clean warm water which automatically improves the blood flow to your extremities, this is needed in order to gain stamina over the resistance provided by the water in a smooth way, thus providing double the calorie burn with minimal effort.

FitWet Bike can double the stationary cycling’s figure by burning up to 500 calories in only a half hour of training!